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backyard hero bbq masterclass series
presented by tischler's market &
Risky Brisket Award-Winning Competition BBQ Team

Immerse yourself in 5 hours of live BBQ instruction from award winning BBQ experts! Get a front row seat to a culinary experience that will accelerate your BBQ to a new level. Whether you want to become a backyard hero, or elevate your current game, this class covers it all. Our instructors provide in-depth real world experience into the craft of producing amazing BBQ in a fraction of the time!

Plus, our small class sizes guarantee a personalized experience for attendees and allow everyone the opportunity to sample all of the meats being cooked!

All Classes Include:

  • Meat Selection

  • Trimming

  • Injection

  • Seasoning

  • Cooking Timelines

  • Smoker Management

  • Exclusive discounts on Double O Drum smokers

  • Fuel selection –  charcoal & wood

  • Food Safety

  • Storing & Reheating

  • Techniques

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Competition Secrets

  • Student Only Discounts on BBQ products

Class Anchor
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